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Judit C

Mujer de 45 años

Objetivo Actual

Astrophysicist - Researcher - Lab Technician
Science Communication | Simulation | Research & Innovation

A brilliant research and innovation Manager with expertise in abundant facets of scientific research, performing within many diverse environments to include plasma physics, astrophysics, simulation, and the integrated principles of human development, globalization, climate change, and technological sustainability. Highly adept working with advanced instrumental techniques in physics, material sciences, offering hands on experience in the operation of complex scientific instruments. Exceptionally influential in improving scientific and technical processes, enhancing techniques, and implementing sound insights and solutions. Possess strong technology proficiencies.
? Numerical Methods
? Optimization Algorithms
? Statistics - Theory Validation
? Graphing Skills ? Big Data Management
? Image Formation Processing
? Material Physics & Technology
? Complex Scientific Instruments ? Innovative Decision Making
? Critical Thinking Abilities
? Analytical Skills
? Exceptional Communication


Editorial Assistant for The all Results Journals - Scientific Reviewer - Volunteer en SOCIETY FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF SCIENCE (SACSIS

Editorial Assistant for The all Results Journals - Scientific Reviewer - Volunteer  Representative of the editorial team of the journal in conferences. Generating ideas, collaboration in network.  Generation of content for the website (scientific articles, short articles for blog and social media, press releases, etc.). Marketing and Advertising (off and on-line) of The All Results Journals.

Finalizado en 2017.


 Provided educational and outreach activities to children aged 6 to 16.  Taught and developed work projects that included 'Journey to Mars', intended to attract minorities and females into the science world.

Finalizado en 2016. Duración: 1 año.


 Integral participant in sustainability, and renewable energy research.

Finalizado en 2015. Duración: 2 años.


Researcher - Collaborating Researcher for the IEEC and University of Valparaiso (Chile).  Participated in research for the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), and streamlined research processes for the Astronomy and Astrophysics Group (GAA) and the Aeronautics and Space Research Centre (CRAE).  Provided expert assistance to maximize the success of the future workforce, especially on issues of biases and selection effects in observational astronomy, stellar evolution, white dwarfs, supernovae, and gravitational lensing (ground-breaking studies, peer-reviewed papers). Contributed to internationally recognized congresses.

Finalizado en 2014. Duración: 8 años.


Strategy - Market Analysis - Finances – Intellectual Property -Operations - Communication  Participated in the Research, Development and Innovation in the test Personalitics: a psychological test which not only can help you discover client personality, but also advises on what kind of profession fits their character. The system uses artificial intelligence and it is based on psychological theories.

Finalizado en 2013. Duración: 1 año.

Adjunct Lecturer en UPC

 Lectured in applied physics for UPC department of Applied Physics and department of Physics & Nuclear Engineering. School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering and School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona.  Performed independent research into science teaching and learning. Developed e-learning tools.  Collaborated with the diverse faculty members on course curriculum. Carried out collaborative activities designed to engage students and foster community participation. Proposed an improvement plan.

Finalizado en 2011. Duración: 4 años.


Researcher - Group of Physics & Engineering of Amorphous Materials & Nanostructures (FEMAN) Collaborative Research - Scholarships - Nanotechnology - Adjunct Lecturer.  Provided expert assistance to maximize the success of the future workforce, especially on issues of mass spectrometry.

Finalizado en 2005. Duración: 4 años.

Estudios / formación

Big Data Marketing (SQL, DAX, Kettle-Pentaho, Power Bi, R) en EIBS School

Finalizado en 2017. Duración: 4 meses.

Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) - Applied Physics, Science Simulation en UPC

Finalizado en 2014. Duración: 8 años.

Diploma: Entrepreneurship, Business Development en Spain's School for Industrial Organization

Finalizado en 2013. Duración: 150 horas.

Master's in Advanced Studies in Applied Physics, Scientific Simulation en UPC

Finalizado en 2008. Duración: 2 años.

Master's in Advanced Studies in Instrumental Techniques in Physics, Material Science en UB

Finalizado en 2003. Duración: 2 años.

Bachelor's Degree in Physics en UB

Finalizado en 2001. Duración: 6 años.

Otros datos


  • Performed modern computer numerical methods, optimization algorithms, and Statistics, to include Monte Carlo simulation, resampling methods, parametric and non-parametric goodness-of-fits tests to theory validation, interpolation, integration, differential equations, and propagation of errors.
  • Big data and cognitive load management skills; Fortran language programming; Python; graphing (R, Matlab, SuperMongo), image formation, processing, and a proficiency with 3D CAD software and Linux, to include Word, Excel, Power Point. Latex. Scientific and Technical writing for web-based platforms and non-academic audiences.  Big Data Marketing (SQL, DAX, Power Bi, Kettle, R)
  • Material Physics and Technology: Handling, configuring and controlling the operation of complex scientific instruments such as ultra-vacuum pumps and mass spectrometers, electronics and optoelectronic devices.
  • Applied electronics and Physical electronics, optics laboratory, physics of dielectrics and optical materials.
  • Advanced electromagnetism and electromagnetism laboratory, and solid state, quantum mechanics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, and design of logic blocks of FPGA using PSpice.
  • Laboratory of modern Physics - Microscopy and analysis techniques, including surface characterization, thin film diffractometric, vacuum, and techniques with lasers and plasma.
  • Computer-Based Measuring Systems: Astronomical observation and instrumentation (e.g. photometers, spectroscopies) and related software.




  • Active and passive transducers, analog and digital modes of operation, null and deflection methods, and methods of correction for interfering and modifying inputs.
  • Static Characteristics and Static Calibration:  Calibration accuracy versus installed accuracy, combination of component errors in overall system.
  • Accuracy Calculations: Theory validation by experimental testing, effect of measurement error on quality control decisions in manufacturing, static sensitivity, computer-aided calibration and measurement:
  • Multiple Regression: Threshold, noise floor, resolution, hysteresis, and dead space, generalized static stiffness and input impedance -loading effects.
  • Dynamic Characteristics:  Digital simulation methods for dynamic response analysis. sinusoidal transfer function, ramp response, frequency response, and impulse response of zero-order, first-order and second-order instruments, dead-time elements, logarithmic plotting of frequency-response curves, response of a general form of instrument to a periodic and transient input.
  • Frequency Spectra of Amplitude - Modulated Signals: Sensor selection using computer simulation, numerical correction of dynamic data, and experimental determination of measurement- system parameters, loading effects under dynamic conditions.
  • Motion and Dimensional Measurement:  Fundamental standards, relative displacement - translational and rotational, e.g. resistive potentiometers, variable-inductance and variable-reluctance pickups, capacitance pickups, piezoelectric transducers, electro-optical devices, photographic and electronic-imaging techniques, photoelastic, brittle-coating, and moiré fringe stress-analysis techniques, displacement-to-pressure transducer, digital displacement transducers, ultrasonic transducers.
  • Relative Velocity -Translational and Rotational: Velocity by electrical differentiation of displacement voltage signals.
  • Laser-Based Methods. Moving-coil and moving-magnet pickups, dc tachometer generators for rotary-velocity measurement, ac tachometer generators for rotary-velocity measurement.

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